What is the Vehicle Upgrade Program?
It's simple, you currently own or lease a vehicle and we want to upgrade you to the newest model with similar or even lower monthly payments.

What are the benefits to me?
There are numerous benefits but it comes down to getting the newest model, only at the same or lower monthly payments without all the hassle. It's a quick and easy key-to-key exchange that aims to lower your monthly payments while getting you better financing terms, higher fuel efficiency, reduced maintenance & repair costs, increased safety & security features and brand new comfort & entertainment technology.

Why is White Allen Chevrolet in Dayton, OH doing this? What's the gimmick?
There are no gimmicks here. We are looking to significantly increase our Pre-Owned Inventory over the next six months. By offering this program, we are able to save you money and upgrade your vehicle for you. As further proof that there are no tricks, we offer no pressure, no obligation, FREE evaluations to determine if your vehicle has equity enough to qualify for the upgrade program.

Even if it's a similar monthly payment and quick & easy to upgrade, I like my current vehicle, why do I need a brand new one?
We fully understand falling in love with your vehicle here at White Allen Chevrolet. However, there are significant benefits to getting even just the next model year newer of the same vehicle, and the benefits significantly increase the older your vehicle is. It's true with all manufacturers, each model year newer comes with better safety features, higher fuel efficiency and the latest technology. So the savings and benefits are ongoing!

I'm intrigued by the program and would like to hear more before coming to the dealership.
That's not a problem. As mentioned above, we want to do business the way you want to. You can give us a call at your convenience or email us. Just let us know upfront your preferred method of communication. You'll be working with our Vehicle Exchange Manager, who is professionally trained & dedicated to ensuring you get the best value from our program.

Give us the opportunity to save you money and you won't be disappointed! We'll find the perfect vehicle to fit all your needs as we have the largest selection and lowest prices!