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How often does my car need an oil change?

Check your owner's manual to see what the manufacturer recommends for oil change intervals. It may be longer than the traditional wisdom of every 3,000 to 5,000 miles. Of course, you should consider your driving habits and where you're driving, too. Aggressive driving and driving over dusty roads and off-road terrain and through construction zones can speed up the time between oil changes.


Why are oil changes so important?

A vehicle cannot run with an inferior-operating engine. What diminishes engine performance? Dirty, old oil. Oil is crucial to keeping dust, dirt, and debris from entering the engine's components, but it can only stop so much sediment. After a certain amount of miles or time or due to compromised driving conditions like dusty roads or construction zones, the oil helping your engine to run will need a refresh.


Why do I need to get my tires rotated?

Tire rotation as recommend in your owner's manual or by our service techs will help your tires wear more evenly. Tires that wear evenly deliver a smoother performance and more control on the road as they can more consistently grip the road.


Why is my check engine light on?

The dreaded check engine light is sure to insight fear in even the most levelheaded driver. Why? Because it's very easy to jump to worst-case scenarios when this symbol lights up. However, there might be a chance it's signaling that something simpler (and cheaper) is the cause, like a loose gas cap. Unfortunately, there isn't a way to tell if the check engine light is on for something simple or something more complex like engine failure without seeking the assistance from our service techs at White Allen Chevrolet.


How often should I clean my car?

 How often you clean your car is up to you. Though, we advise you to clean your car inside and out regularly to help protect its look, integrity, and longevity. If you let trash build up in your cabin, you risk stains setting into the upholstery or possible tears that will grow over time. An overstuffed cabin or cargo area means extra pressure on your engine and your fuel efficiency, because everything has to work harder when you're hauling extra stuff. The outside of your vehicle benefits from regular washes and waxes because you'll be able to rid the surface of scratch-producing debris before real damage sets in. When you wash the undercarriage, you help prevent rust and corrosion on vital components.


Are electric cars lower or higher maintenance?

Electric cars have fewer components compared to their gas-powered counterparts. Typically, this translates into easier fixes and more straightforward maintenance and repairs.

Do my tires need air even if they don't look flat?

Don't trust your eyes to determine if your tires are properly inflated. Your eyes can deceive you! Plus, just a few psi points, either too high or too low, can impact the performance of your tires and your safety on the road. It is best to use a tire gauge to check the pressure of your tires.


Is it better to service at the dealership?

At White Allen Chevrolet, you'll find a team of technicians trained specifically to service Chevrolet models. This means they know your vehicle inside and out and are able to spot issues before they become problems and address more complex repairs with expertise. Our techs deliver exceptional customer service and are committed to retaining your business. Plus, they use Original Equipment Manufacturer parts in repairs so your Chevy model feels just as it did the day you bought it.


What are OEM parts?

OEM stands for Original Manufacturer parts, which come directly from the factory.


For all your maintenance needs, contact the service experts at White Allen Chevrolet in Dayton, Ohio.

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