STEP 1 - Grab your mobile device or digital camera and point it at your car

STEP 2 - Act like you're sneaking up on your car. That is---get as parallel to the damage as possible and slowly creep forward from about five feet out, taking pictures at every step. You should start with a wide angle shot and end with a close up shot

STEP 3 - Open your driver's side door and locate the sticker with a 16 digit number on the door jamb. This is the number that uniquely identifies your car (VIN). Take a picture of it. We'll use this to locate parts and other things. (Hint: It can also be found right where the windshield wiper sits on the front window of your car)

STEP 4 - Review your pictures, making sure that everything is as clear as possible and that the VIN is readable in your photo of it.

STEP 5 - Email us the photos to, along with your contact information, i.e., your name, best number to reach you, any special remarks, insurance claim number, etc

STEP 6 - Sit back! We'll call you to confirm that we have received your photos and to clarify any questions regarding your estimate. You can expect your preliminary estimate by email within 24 hrs.
Tips: Use the angle of the sun to get sharper images of the damaged panels. Shadows delineate depth and make everything clearer. Use your hands. Point at a dent that is hard to see, or use your hand to provide a reference for size of the dent/damage.