Get an instant offer from White Allen Chevrolet in less than a minute that is good for 7 days. We will
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At White Allen Chevrolet, we know that your time is valuable, so we offer you a tool to find out what your car is worth in less than a minute! In addition, we'll give you a certified offer that's valid for seven days, even if you don't purchase your new vehicle from us.

So why should you consider a trade-in for your car purchase, and what are the steps to take to get the most value for your old car?

Why Trade In?

Many people believe in trading up periodically so they can drive away in successively newer models each time. Let's consider some of the advantages to that.

It's Convenient

Some people put their old car up for sale privately, try to get top dollar, and then approach a dealer to finance a new car. However, listing privately means taking the time to create classified advertisements on numerous platforms and making appointments for potential customers to see the vehicle and perhaps even test-drive it. After negotiating, you may not get what you actually wanted for the car, even after investing so much time and effort.

Trading in, however, comes with none of that considerable investment of time and resources. You simply drive your old car onto the dealer's lot and drive back out in the new car you wanted. These days, dealers make it even more convenient to trade up by putting some of the process online, so you can visit the dealership with an offer already in hand.

It May Get You a Better Deal

The first benefit to you financially is that the value of your trade-in reduces the amount of financing you'll need to apply for toward the purchase of a new car. Basically, the higher your car's trade-in value, the lower your financing needs will be. You can expect your monthly payments to be lower as well.

But there is another benefit to trading in that may interest you. Most states will only require consumers to pay sales tax on the balance financed after the trade-in. This means that the value of your trade-in toward the purchase price is tax free. If you sell your old car privately, you will not be able to benefit from this tax advantage.

It May Open Up More Options

Dealers will usually, at least periodically, have lease specials and offers available for buyers who would like to trade in. For owners who plan to trade in periodically, a good working relationship with their dealer can make these transactions smooth and mutually beneficial.

It Can Become an Ownership Strategy

Trading in does not have to be a one-time transaction. Each year, auto manufacturers improve and upgrade their models for a better driving experience. You can leverage trading in periodically, let's say for example every three years, to consistently trade up to newer models that maintain their value, limiting depreciation. Rather than driving a car until the mileage is high and the value has diminished significantly, you can keep trading in and trading up as long as you desire.

Steps To Take When Trading In Your Car

How easy is it to trade in, and what steps will you need to take? 

Find out how much your trade-in is worth. There are various ways to do this. You can schedule an appointment by phone or online to bring in your car and have it evaluated. Or you can use an online tool on your dealer's website to calculate its approximate value. At White Allen Chevy, we make it even more convenient. We've partnered with Edmunds for their online True Market Value tool so that you can find out what your car is worth in less than a minute.

Receive a certified offer. After your vehicle has been evaluated, your dealer will usually make an offer to purchase the vehicle from you. The experts at White Allen Chevy go a step further. After you've evaluated your used vehicle, we will instantly make you a certified offer that is guaranteed valid for seven days.

Sell, trade in, or trade up. If you accept the offer from the dealer, you can decide what to do with it. You can sell to the dealer outright, or you may choose to apply the value of your used car toward purchasing a new car, leveraging the tax advantages and the lower monthly payments. As a final option, you can choose to sell your used car to the dealer and lease, rather than purchase, your next new vehicle.

As expected, there are pros and cons to any of these decisions, but with research you can make the choice that's best for you. White Allen Chevrolet, however, offers you this distinct advantage: We will honor our certified offer and buy your car on the spot, even if you do not purchase or lease from us.

Bring Your Trade-In to Us

If trading in your used car is the path you want to take toward your next purchase, White Allen Chevy offers you one of the fastest, most transparent ways to do so. Our professional team has been serving drivers in the Dayton, Ohio, area for more than 100 years. We are more than just an auto dealer. We are a part of the community, so our services, offers, and incentives are designed to get you and your family back on the road safely and quickly in the car of your choice.

Contact us today or use our online resources to begin a convenient and fair trade-in process. We will work to help you drive away satisfied in your new car.