When the design engineers constructed the iconic Sonic, the many safety features it includes were built into the vehicle. While most vehicles come with air bags for the front seats, Chevrolet realized that passengers don't just sit in the front. Therefore, instead of two airbags, the Sonic comes standard with ten life-saving airbags. Yes, ten for your increased safety and that of the extra special cargo in the rear seats. There is even a front knee air bag to protect the lower extremities of your body.

The Sonic's ultra strong frame is constructed with high-strength steel. This enables it to withstand a hard impact in the unfortunate instance of a frontal crash. Sophisticated engineering enable the bars of the engine cradle, in conjunction with the front bumper, to lessen the impact of a crash. The engine cradle also aids with side crashes by dispensing the energy from the impact. With Chevrolet's built-in safety features, you are in good hands.


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