While driving your Chevrolet Tahoe in Dayton, there are several safety features that can keep everyone safe. Come to a stop in a few moments with Automatic Emergency Braking. Receive an alert if there's anything in front of your vehicle that could result in an accident with Forward Collision Alert.

Front Pedestrian Braking is a feature that can detect if someone is walking in front of your vehicle. There's also a Following Distance Indicator that you can check while on a test drive at White-Allen Chevrolet. This feature lets you know if you're getting too close to the vehicle in front of you.

Monitor the sides of your vehicle using the alerts on your side mirrors so that you can safely change lanes. Adaptive Cruise Control is a feature that maintains a safe speed based on the gap between you and other vehicles. Safely stay in your lane with Lane Keep Assist that gives a warning if you begin to veer to one side.


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