The Chevrolet Spark is a car that was designed with your safety in mind. Not only does the vehicle come equipped with an airbag system, but it also has several other features that make it safe and smart. For example, if you are getting too close to the edge of the road, or another object for that matter, you will get alerted by your advanced warning system. It's time to learn more about this amazing technology!

What is Advanced Warning?

This feature provides you with a visual alert in the center console and a sound that will notify you of objects or vehicles located too closely in front of your Chevrolet Spark. The advanced warning system comes into play when your car has been at a complete stop for around two seconds, and it takes up to 300 feet for your vehicle to come to a stop.

How Does it Work?

The advanced warning system works by using sensors that are placed behind the front bumper of the Spark. You will find these sensors at various points below the vehicle, and they work together to detect objects or vehicles that may be too close for comfort.


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